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Free Next Working Day Delivery on Mainland UK Orders over £50

KCT 3kg Large Chicken Feeder

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Key Features

  • Gravity-fed design for automatic dispensing: This eliminates the constant need for manual filling of the feeding dish, saving you time and ensuring a consistent food supply for your chickens.
  • Durable and lightweight plastic with a carry handle: This combination provides ease of use and portability, allowing you to move the feeder around your coop easily.
  • 360 degree access for all birds: This ensures all of your chickens/poultry have equal opportunity to reach the feed, minimizing competition and promoting flock harmony.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Accessible design allows for quick cleaning and prevents build-up of dirt and bacteria, promoting chicken health.
  • 3kg Capacity - Dimensions: 250x250x235mm


Enjoy the convenience of automatic feeding and avoid the hassle of constant refilling with the KCT 3kg Large Capacity Chicken Feeder! This innovative feeder boasts a clever gravity-fed design that automatically dispenses food, ensuring a consistent and readily available food source for your feathered friends.

The generous 3kg capacity minimizes the need for frequent refilling, saving you valuable time and ensuring your chickens always have access to the food they need. Made from durable yet lightweight plastic, this feeder is easy to move around your coop thanks to its convenient carry handle, this also doubles as a hanging hook, offering flexible placement options in your coop.

The 360-degree access design allows all your chickens and poultry to reach the feed comfortably, minimizing competition and promoting a peaceful flock. Maintaining this feeder is a breeze! Its accessible design allows for quick and effortless cleaning, preventing the build-up of dirt and bacteria for optimal chicken health.


Dimensions (LxWxH): 250 x 250 x 235mm

Capacity: 3kg