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Free Next Working Day Delivery on Mainland UK Orders over £50

KCT Compost Tumbler 160 Litre Capacity

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Original price £78.99
£78.99 - £78.99
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Key Features

  • Rotating garden compost tumbler - Easy to access. Rotate every few days to improve composting process
  • 360 degree rotation - Easy to rotate when needed. 2 Sliding Doors for easy access.
  • 160 litre capacity - Increase the amount you can compost. Add kitchen scraps, greens, garden waste etc
  • 2 compartments for batch composting - add fresh to one side while the other is working hard
  • Great for use all year round and easy to assemble


The KCT Garden Compost Tumbler allows you to create your very own, nutrient rich, compost in your garden. The tumbler features 2, 80 litre rotating compartments allowing for a total of 160 litres of composting to take place at any given time. Featuring 2 compartments allows for compost to be produced in batches with composting taking place in one side as raw materials are added to the other. The compartments also seal to help trap the heat generated by the composting process and therefore also increase the speed of the composting.

The tumbler is strong and durable and fit for use year round. It is also easy to assemble with full instructions provided.

For the best results with your composting, it is recommended to use moist greens and mix them with dry browns as your raw materials. Moist greens include kitchen scraps, grass clippings and plants, whilst dry browns include hay, sawdust, leaves, twigs and cardboard.


For the best results, it is recommended to rotate the composter around 2-3 times a day as this helps to keep the composting process active.

Capacity: 160L

Max Loading Weight: 70kg

Assembled product (LxWxH): 71 x 64 x 96cm
Barrel (LxD): 65 x 59cm
Base (LxWxH): 71 x 64 x 63cm

*Item comes with appropriate screw driver and some spares of the nuts and bolts*