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Free Next Working Day Delivery on Mainland UK Orders over £50

KCT Open Top BBQ Grill Garden Steel Camping Barbecue Trolly

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Key Features

  • Side and Bottom Shelves for Easy-to-Reach Storage: The inclusion of side and bottom shelves on the barbecue offers practical convenience.
  • Storage Shelf Rack for Cooking Tools and Equipment: In addition to the side and bottom shelves, the barbecue features a dedicated storage shelf rack. This rack serves as an optimal storage solution for various cooking tools and equipment, such as spatulas, tongs, brushes, and skewers.
  • Durable Steel Construction: Crafted from durable steel, the barbecue boasts robust construction designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.
  • Powder-Coated for Extra Durability: To further enhance durability and longevity, the barbecue is powder-coated. Powder coating involves applying a dry powder to the steel surface, which is then cured under heat to form a hard protective layer.
  • Includes Wheels for Mobility: Equipped with wheels, the barbecue offers enhanced mobility and maneuverability, allowing users to effortlessly transport it to different locations within their outdoor space.


The KCT Open Top Trolley BBQ has a selection of features that makes it a handy and versatile piece of equipment.

With a fire bowl measuring 270 x 520 x 60mm, this barbecue provides ample space for charcoal or wood to create the perfect heat for grilling. The large cooking grid (480 x 265mm) offers plenty of room to cook various foods simultaneously, making it ideal for hosting small gatherings, parties, and camping.

The barbecue's design allows for versatile cooking options. Whether you're grilling burgers, skewers or vegetables, the grill can accommodate a diverse range of foods. Additionally, the warming grid (455 x 70mm) provides extra space to keep cooked food while you finish preparing other items.

The grill level of the barbecue can be adjusted to suit your preferences and cooking requirements. With a maximum height of 190mm and a minimum height of 70mm, you have flexibility in controlling the distance between the heat source and your food, allowing for precise cooking and heat management.

The barbecue includes shelves that provide storage space for utensils, condiments, and other cooking necessities.


Fire Bowl (LxWxH): 270 x 520 x 60mm

Cooking Grid (LxW): 265 x 480mm

Warming Grid (LxW): 70 x 455mm

Dimensions (LxWxH):* (Approx): 355 x 870 x 805mm

Overall Height: 805mm

Cooking Area and Grill Level Max Height: 190mm

Cooking Area and Grill Level Min Height: 70mm

Material: Steel

*Based on outermost extremities. All measurements are approximate.
Fittings and easy to read instructions included. Assembly Required