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Free Next Working Day Delivery on Mainland UK Orders over £50

KCT Pond and Garden Decoy Heron

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Key Features

  • Realistic Look - Pisces Decoy Heron looks like a real bird heron
  • Essential Protection -The Heron decoy provides essential protection of Ponds and fisheries from other herons and predators
  • Easy to install - The Heron can be placed around ponds and the garden with a detachable stake
  • Garden and Pond Decoration - Standing at 70cm tall the Heron effecively scares away birds as well as double as a decorative garden statue
  • Durability - Each heron is made of weather-resistant plastic to ensure it lasts all year round


This life size plastic decoy heron is the ideal solution for protecting your pond while still keeping a natural look. The realistic look of the decoy heron makes it an effective method for discouraging the presence of real herons who will attempt to pick at your pond's aquatic life. The heron should be placed in a prominent position to give the impression to real herons that "this feeding ground is already taken".

Herons are solitary birds, therefore they tend not to encroach on each others feeding territory and will keep their distance if they spot this decoy in place.

The realistic design of the heron also gives it another benefit over other types of bird scarer/deterrent, it keeps the overall ambience and look of your pond scene natural rather than adding an ugly, clearly artificial solution.


Item Height: 70cm tall

Includes: ground stake